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The Position Play Companion helps players with how to play certain hole cards based on their position at the table... whether online or at the felt.

Our Position Play CompanionŠ was designed to full fill a need. Provide seem less, un-intrusive information while playing a Texas Hold'em cash game or tournament online. To illinate the need for bulky helper cards and to assist in making sound tournament bet decisions.

The Position Play CompanionŠ literally sits in the background of your Online poker site table interface while your playing. It sits in the background providing you with the most critical information for playing certain hands. The Position Play CompanionŠ is a static interface that helps players make the right choice when playing high stakes Texas Holdem tournaments.

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Tips & Secrets to winning!

The Position Play CompanionŠ is not just a digital Hold'em helper... it's a training tool as well. Placed in the middle of the Companion is ways to play most of the hands dealt in Texas Hold'em. Below that is our Top Notch Tips and Secrets on how we win Online tournaments. These tips and secrets are worth the price alone if your a new Hold'em player! Skilled players will find these tips and secrets useful and will build your already good skill.

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The NEW 2005 Position Play Companion
Our staff has put together another great companion that helps you win more tournaments by making the right decisions when its most critical in the game. The Position Play Companion helps players, based on their position at the table based on their hole cards they were dealt. Nothing is more frustrating then betting in early position with cards that will push you out if raised.

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Our Top 10 List of Do's and Don'ts
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Our staff has put together a list of 10 things you should Not do when playing Holdem. They also threw in the Do's that will help you win at Online or Felt table tournaments. If anything, you need to see the No-No's so you don't make the most common mistakes in tournament Holdem. It's worth the click!
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