Our TOP 10 Texas Hold'em Do's and Don'ts

The Top 10 Texas Hold'em No No's, in our opinion the most important part of winning at Texas Hold'em poker. We feel someone can win a few texas hold'em full househands by pure luck and put themselves in position to win a few... but if you do some of the following... your bound to lose and lose Big! Use your best judgement... but you should always check these 10!

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#1 Do Not chase GutShot or Closed ended Straights
One of the most common error's in Texas Hold'em poker is chasing a closed ended straight. A Closed ended straight or commonly known as GutShot Straights is when you have, say the 5 6 8 9. You need the 7 to make the straight yet the Flop and Turn cards didn't produce the result you were looking for. Your opponent Raised on the Flop then on the Turn. Chasing this GutShot or Closed ended straight is NOT in your best odds and will likely result in you losing the hand and more money than you should have.

Editors revision: From my experience, chasing these with High Blinds leads to you giving up a lot of your chips for a low percentage play. If your Gutshot straight is the AKJT... we would risk a large bet to get the Nut straight. But I wouln't bet on the River if it didn't come.

#2 Do Not Play face cards with Low kickers
Many many players think playing "Face cards" will set them up to be in most hands in Texas Hold'em. Although I can't deny that if you played a K4 and the Flop produced KK7 that you made a good choice... I will say that most of the time the odds are against you and your luck will run out.

Here's the reason. The odds are best when you play High Face cards with High Kicker cards. A kicker card is your 2nd hole card that will play in a hand and will determine who wins in a tie. (i.e., you have a pair of Kings, your opponent has a pair of Kings... if your second hole card determines the winner, is it higher than your opponents?)

Because the odds are in your favor with "Higher" cards, many players will call the Big Blind and play you in a hand. Your chances of winning are much greater if your playing AK, KJ, QT and so on versus K4, Q3, J5. Plus, people that play K4 type hands miss out on the added "Outs" of a hand because the 2 hole cards they have won't connect for a straight.

Let me explain. If your playing KT, you have a chance to not only get KK or TT or better... but you have the added "outs" of a possible straight. (i.e., KQJT9 so on) If your playing K4, then your hoping for KK, TT or better... maybe a Flush.

If your going to play "face cards", just make sure your kicker is high and not low.

Editors revision: If your playing with 8,9 even 10 players and you get a Face card... chances are if 5 or 6... or even more players that Call the Blind will have a Face in their hand. Heck, some may have 2 face cards Decreasing your chances of matching your face card for a pair and pretty much it impossible to grab a Set. With so many players, playing middle spotted connector cards become good plays.

#3 Do Not go ALL IN with a pair of spotted cards
I know, I know... you see the pro's do it on the World Series of Poker, but you should not. Pocket hole cards that have paired (i.e., 44, 55, 66, 88 so on) are likely to loose.

Why? Most players that call the blind bet to play have Face cards in their hands. Now, I can't say for sure that the person your going heads up with has a face card or that he/she will even pair those face cards once the flop begins... but what I am saying is that the odds are NOT in your favor when doing this.

Their is a reason spotted pairs are not ranked in the Top 10 hands. Only the 99 combo is ranked near the top and that is because the 9 allows for a K high straight... NOT that the 99 can win on it's own.

Bet Spotted pairs, but do not wager your entire stack unless you truly feel it. (i.e., Poker tells and the situation) I never do it and I win tournaments. I see others do it and they mostly end up out!

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Tip #1
It's bound to happen. You get pocket 88 and the FLOP is something like Q7A
Our Tip with pocket pairs is: No Set, you can't bet!

With that said, you might pull a rabbit out of the hand and get an 8 on the Turn or the River... but with the Over cards on the board... it's likely you will loose this hand. No Set, then No Bet.

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#4 Do Not bet Bottom pair
Say you're dealt 87 and the Flop is Q97
The board checks and your in the position to bet. Do Not raise the bet. Why? Most skilled Texas Hold'em players will check a paired hand to at least the Turn card.

Say I'm dealt AQ. I will check the Flop because ANY sign of strength will cause the board to fold and I will lose the chance for others to bet on the Turn or River as others start to make their hands.

So, you bet the 7 thinking that everyone else has nothing... yet I checked the Qs because I want to trap some players later in the hand with a heavy re-raise.

Verdict: You end up chasing my Qs or you end up folding on the River when I re-raise you double or triple the Big Blind if the board shows no "Over card".

Editors note: I think most players will bet pairs. Problem is, if someone has the Q you may be trapped. The Trap typically comes After the Turn. Most holdem players will bet the Turn to make up for not placing that bet on the Flop... Good/Excellent holdem players will wait until the final bet to try to shake you of your money. Play with caution, resist betting bottom pairs because of their weak percentage status on the table. Hey, if you win... it's a win. If you chase Over cards, your going feel the pitch and wish you hadn't. Remember, how many times do bottom win at the table? Not many.

#5 Do Not chase Middle pair with Big Bets
Using the example above, say you were dealt 97 and the Flop was Q97. You have middle pair and the board has checked to you.

Again, I might bet the Big Blind but with the Over card of the Q out there... ANY raise has to result in a Fold on your part. Running with a middle pair and ultimately chasing an Over Card (i.e., the Q on the Flop) will result in heartbreak.

Suggestion: If you have middle pair, I would check/call any small bets. Any large raises you must consider folding.

Editors note: The thinking here is similar to the betting bottom pair... middle pair is worth betting... and I have chased with middle pair... but with Big betting, chasing are your chasing the Over cards. Play with caution.

#6 Do Not miss the Over Cards that is on the board!
I can not count the times I've heard players say (after beating them with an Over card)...
"I didn't even see that Q or K on the River"

Emotions run high when you think you have the best hand on the board... and the obvious is so obvious when your rushing to get the victory. SLOW down and listen to what the cards and betting is telling you.

Example: Players will be dealt TJ and the Flop is J87

Two things are at play here in the mind of this player. #1 he has Top pair (J) and #2 he has a closed ended straight draw. He Only sees those 2 things as the Turn card comes: 4

The board shows J874

Players may have checked back to him, with him raising just enough to keep everyone in the hand.

The Turn is a K

His hand is TJ  J874K  (pair of Js)

I had KQ and called every bet thinking he had a J high.

I bet, he calls and heartbreak happens. I win with the KK

This player will say to me later... I didn't even see the K come up.

NEVER Miss Over Cards and WONDER WHY Joe or Sue is betting Heavy AFTER the K came out.


Editors note: I needed to follow my own advise the other night. With a pair of TTs and nothing Over on the board... I bet heavy throughout... but when the Q came on the River, it didn't register as quickly as it should have and I Called a small Re-Raise.... DUH!?! That should have told me something. I played the hand right... it's just I missed lost track and it got me for a couple hundred of my chips.

#7 Do Not Play (online or otherwise) at a High stakes tables unless you're ready
Think you're ready to play with the big boys online or at a high stakes table at a casino?

Set your Ego aside... the Brutal truth is you're probably not even CLOSE to being ready.

Here's the measure... if you play with real money online go to a 0.25/0.50 room FIRST! If you can show some skills there, move to the 0.50/1.00 room.

Players in the $3/$6 or $5/$10 rooms DO NOT mess around. They will throw around money with raises and re-raises that will put your bankroll at risk if you can't beat these guys. I've seen pots in a $2/$4 room get up to $50 or more. That's for 1 hand!

So... this is how I recommend new players to do it.

Play Fixed Limit Hold'em. This limits how much someone can bet and allows you to play more. Let's face it, your new at this and the shock of being raised ALL IN with your 98s is not what you want to feel on a Saturday night on the old computer.

Yes, Fixed limit Hold'em allows for more players to see the Flop and Turn... but if your playing the right cards then your chances of winning big pots is just as likely.

Play Lower ante games first. Get your feet wet with the cheaper limits. If you find your having an off night, then you've only lost a couple of bucks instead of dropping $40 or $50 bills.

Play cheap tournaments. At $6 or so a tournament... you can enjoy your game and learn from players that have been there before and know how to win. You learn, don't risk much and gain the needed skills to compete with these same players in the cash game rooms later.

Editors note: Beware, mid level players sandbag (playing in lower level rooms to win more) So fixed limit rooms at least protect you from losing a lot of coin at once. Just be caution. Again, cheap tournaments allow you to learn and only lose the buy in. It's wonderful for those that haven't picked up the speed in the cash rooms yet.

#8 Do Not chase Flush Draws with Heavy betting
Chasing Flush's only seems to work when they hit... which isn't too often. That is the key. They don't hit that often so don't put a lot of your chips at stake chasing one.

Say your dealt 9A of hearts and the Flop is 4K of hearts and the 8 of spades.

I MIGHT call a Big bet (>5% of my chips) to chase this flush. Why? I have the Top Heart Flush kicker. But if the betting continues and the heart doesn't show on the Turn, I will NOT pay to see the River.

#9 Do Not Assume your Straight or Flush is the Nuts

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#10 Do Not give Poker Tells

The Top 10 Do's really focus on things outside of the actual cards themselves. I mean, if you get pocket Aces with 2 players playing... you have an 85% chance of winning. It's important to know how to play AA ... but you're going to win or lose NOT solely based on the cards your dealt... but rather the little things that effect how players play you and how you see others act in certain similar situations.

It matters that you win. But HOW you won the hand that matters MOST. Did you Check to your opponent to entice a larger bet? Did you sense weakness and Raise in a late position? Did you go All In after the board paired JJ and you DIDN'T have a J in your hand (i.e., major Bluff)

This is what is truly important and why the Top 10 are listed below. Read and Learn them to be at the Top of your Hold'em game when playing in your next Online/Felt table tournament.

For more Do's and Don'ts, visit this web site >> learn-texas-holdem.com
(were not affiliated with the above web site... but they give some excellent information)

#1 Do Play Top 10 hands
Seems simple enough. Play the Best possible hole cards in the deck. With 9 players at the tournament table, an AA equals a 35% chance of winning. If 2 players at the table, your chances of winning *jump* to 85%. Play the best hands through the Flop. If the Flop doesn't pan out, fold.

Note: Heavy betting pre flop could mean that player has a pair... so if you haven't paired then you need to call/bet with caution. If no one has bet, then a Top 10 hand is worthy of a bet.

Position is critical! Read #3 to fully understand

IF the board has checked and the last or second to last person bets... it could mean they are trying to leverage their position and *not* their cards. I would call most bets to see if they are bluffing. If they bet again at post flop, use caution. If they check, chances are you sniffed them out and you can dictate the betting.

Top 10 would be: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AKs, AQs, AJs, KQs, KJs

#2 Do Check good hands to entice betting
You have JJ and the Flop produced 84J
Your first impulse is to bet that J.. but *don't* Everyone at that table knows... or should know your betting that J. If everyone checks to you, chances are they have *not* made their hand and will fold on any bet.

Use the power of the Check.

Check quickly to show weakness. Do not sit on a check. Players will think your *thinking* about betting something and will fold if they have nothing. To hesitate is too say you have middle to bottom pair.

Now, that might be good... but a quick Check should have other players thinking *you* have nothing. After the Turn card... I would bet the Big Blind to bring in 1 or 2 players. I see guys go All In and just drive players out that might have otherwise contributed to the pot at least 1 or 2 times before folding or losing.

Most players that have nothing will bet after the River. They figure it'll drive you out or at least they have only lost a Big Blind bet and have seen all the cards they can. With JJJ I would re-raise and watch them fold. You get a bet added to the pot and you live to play another hand.

Remember, showing strength when everyone has checked is not good. Show weakness by checking. It brings more players in the pot AND mixes up your play. Players will not be able to know if you have JJ or 82 because you Check on both.

The above is commonly called, The Trap. Pro's do this 90% of the time when they pull a go hand to entice betting. You should too.

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#3 Do Use Position to your advantage <click here to read our detailed version of position play>
Whether you see it or not, players use their position at the table to weed out the weak and present strength to the others that remain.

Example... say everyone, including yourself has checked the Flop. The checking starts with you and starts checking around the table to the last guy. He bets!

You're exposed! Everyone knows you checked your hands and didn't feel it good enough to raise... so this guy who bet is going to force you to make a decision. Does he have the cards or is he bluffing?

Position is critical!

Say the Flop is A84... everyone checks the Flop and the last guy bets. Unless you've got a pair and are trying to Trap everyone else... your check has told this guy that you have nothing. His bet, regardless of his hand... tells everyone at the table *he* has something worth betting.

Remember, checking to see another card on the board is typical. Getting to see that card with only a check is rare.

Good players in late positions will not let you see a card for free. They will risk a small bet to see if you have what it takes to call. If you don't have anything... chances are you're *still* going to be raised at every possible corner to see if you have the cards... so get out early if you can.

Editors update: Hold'em tournament experience
In a recent Texas Hold'em tournament, I used #3 to win... of all things, 3 straight hands to take the chip lead. Mix in an All In Call and I was standing tall in this tourny.

With 2 rows completed and the 3rd being close to ending... I needed to make a move to gain some chips. Although I spotted 2 good players winning most of the pots... I didn't worry that they could beat me. I was checking the Big Blinds, paying the Small Blinds and Folding off bets... so my night wasn't anything to shout about... until I decided to take control.

While the Blinds were set at 25/50. By using Late position with a combination of All In or Triple the Big Blind bet I began to shake my competetion out of their Limped in bets. A player would Call the Big Blind or in one case, Raised it... I would then Re-raise him Triple. I figured if he Called the Triple bet... I was beat. He didn't... they didn't and I raked some nice pots. Also, one play I was sitting in on the Button I acted Strong and moved ALL my chips in and said "All In" and Stood Up as if I were preparing for go to Hold'em war with a good hand. Everyone folded quickly allowing me to rake yet another pot without having cards worth playing. This worked straight 3 times in a row and grabbed a Dominating chip lead.

I also got Called on 1 of my Triple bets... I did have a AQ and went for it. I beat him with a pair of QQ to his JJ... putting me in a dominating chip lead position.

<click here to read our detailed version of position play>

#4 Do Play aggressively when blinds are cheap!
Most information guides and web sites suggest that you play "tight" or not play many hands in the first hour of two. Why they recommend this is for them to detail... but I suggest that these is time you can make a statement and grab pots early to set you up for domination when those "tight" players come betting.

I play as many hands as I can when the blinds are $5/10 and $10/20. Why? unless someone bets really heavy, you have a chance to grab early pots and have a chip lead going into the second hour of a tournament. Plus, your tall stack and can lean on people when they start betting.

Example: You've been playing loose and have a nice stack in front of you. The tight players see you having the advantage and start coming in on hands they otherwise wouldn't to fend off your attack. Because you have the tall stack... you can bet heavier and weed out the weak players easier.

Look, if your given $1000 in chips at the beginning of a tournament.. it's works on your emotions that your chip stack is below that $1000 if you've been playing tight and not winning.

On the other side... if your watching a guy win a few hands and double his chip stack ($2,000 to your $900 or $800) this tight player isn't feeling to confident about going heads up with you and is perfect prey for your $200 raise (i.e., 25% of their stack)

#5 Do Mix up your play! Don't become predictable
Ok, you should know by now that if your holding AA and no one has pressed you during a hand and the board isn't showing any signs of a better hand... that your Aces will hold. You also should know that if you have the High Flush (or the Nut Flush) or High Straight... chances are your going to  win as long as you don't fold.

One thing I always do at a table (Online or Felt) is to play them like you got them. Mix up your play.

I typically spend the first hour watching everyone around me... watching their reaction to certain situations and taking a mental note of what happened and how they played it.

I'll give you an example or how you should mix up your play. I was playing once where this older gentleman ONLY played when he had a pair. It truly never failed... if he was betting, HE had a pair or better.

Seeing this Poker Tell... every time I went heads with him... I knew I had to at least have top pair or I was drawing dead in the hand. When he beat me... sure enough, it was with top pair! The draw back to this was that every time was went heads up, I would fold if I had nothing... limiting his chances to gain maxium chips for a good hand.

Don't be a Poker Tell. Don't give away your good hands by your actions on your bad hands.
#1 Never show your winning! #2 Fold or Concede the hand... and don't show your losers.

#6 Do SLOW PLAY when you have a winner
What does this mean? If you get the Nut winner (i.e., AK and the Flop is QJT) you NEED to Slow play this hand to entice more betting.

I can't count the times guys will go All In after seeing the Flop only to see everyone Fold around him. It's a given that person will write in the chat window... "Come on guys, let's play!"... after he shows us his pocket AA.

Slow Play means to CHECK the bet to others. Let THEM dictate the betting. Yes, you may become discouraged that no one will bet... but what would you rather see... you bet, they fold OR you check... they see another card... maybe get middle pair... they bet, you Raise... Trap Set, you Got Them!

The Pro's do this on almost Every hand.

Watch WSOP and you'll notice one of the Biggest Poker Tells and when those guys CHECK! It's when the Raise would I figure they are trying to Buy a pot. Pro's set Traps... you can too.

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#7 Do Play smaller single-table tournaments
Why? Smaller table offer better odds and faster play.

If you play Multi-table tournaments, it can take hours before you're even in the money. The table shift players at most breaks, so any good poker tells you have on a player are lost when you move to another table.

Odds are better on smaller tables because you will typically have fewer players playing... but as players lose... the table shrinks. Multi-table tournaments will move players in and out to keep all tables even... with 8 or 9 players playing.

AA with 9 players = 35% winner... AA with 4 players = 65% winner. Take the Odds when they are in your favor. Remember, with more players playing... Flushes and Straights become major players.

#8 Do Know your Outs in a hand
You NEED to know your outs when it comes to betting your hands. Typically, the person with the most Outs in a show down will win the hand.

Give an example... say you have 98s and the Flop is TJ8 with 2 board cards suited in your favor. Your Outs are increased by #1 You have a Straight Draw #2 You have a Flush Draw #3 You have a bottom pair.

What does this mean... if a player is betting the J... his Out is MORE Jacks... 2

You on the other hand have 2 for the Straight (Q or 7) which equal 8 total
Your Flush Draw give you 8 more chances.
Your bottom pair gives you 2 more.
Then you have the other LESS likely Outs if pairing Tripping you 9 which equal 3 more Outs.

In Total, you have 21 Outs... or possible chances of making your hand vs his 5 Outs.

His 5 Outs??? Thought he only had 2? His other hole card has 3 outs.

With 21 Outs... you can bet and feel like you have a Good chance of making you hand in the end.

Not knowing your Outs could cost you a good chip grab if you fold too early.

#9 Do Bluff... but Bluff it RIGHT!
Bluffing in Texas Holdem poker is an automatic. You need to bluff to win in some of the longer Texas Holdem tournaments to stand a chance.

Why? Your competition is... and it's only be a matter of time before you run out of good cards to bet and your left wishing you had learned bluffing. See, Bluffing in poker is like sand to the beach. The 2 of them have to exist together... You need to bluff and you need to bluff right to win pots in No Limit Holdem.

With that said, how do you bluff right?

The standard bluff
Your hand has nothing... you should have folded on the deal but you elected to bluff your way into some cards or others out of their cards. You place Big bets hoping, at some point the others will fold. Some times they all fold... you get lucky and win a pot or two.

The above example only works if the moons are aligned in your favor... because the minute someone calls your bluff... your done! We like the "Pick your spots bluff" much better... read below.

The pick your spot bluff
Pick your spots right... say the Flop is A94 and you have J2 Clearing pocket cards you should have folded... but maybe your in the Big Blind... so you got to see the Flop for Free... The A comes on the board and no one bets. By placing a nice bluff bet (say double the Big Blind) you will tell the table that only Serious players need apply. If no one pulled an A... the board should fold and you will have bluffed your way in the win.

I love bluffing when the board shows a Flush draw (3 suited cards on the board) Say the board has a Flush draw happening 39Qs5  with 3 cards suited, any Strong bet should shake the other players. If your in a No Limit game... and your truly committed to the bluff (say your chips are getting low) a Re-Raise of a Raise can even shake a player with a real Flush. But in the end, if the board bets moderatly and you bluff a nice sized bet, chances are the players will fold... leaving you with the pot on a bluff.

Same with Straight draw on the board... use the same stratagy when a 245Q on the board... the Straight draw will bring a bluff bet and shake the weaker hands. You win by bluffing.

Betting Large on the River. Say the board shows 498K2: Bluffing here works great when the Flop has checked, the Turn card has checked and someone has small bet the River card. A Strong Re-Raise will shake out the real hands... typically exposing that "River bet" for middle to bottom pair. You should win considering most will assume you Slow played the K.

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