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Texas Holdem Companion
Our Texas Hold'em CompanionŠ was designed to full fill a need. Provides seamless, un-intrusive information while playing a Texas Hold'em cash game or tournament online. To eliminate the need for bulky helper cards and to assist in making sound tournament bet decisions.

Our 2005 Version
The Texas Holdem Calc!
It works! This interactive player software gives you the kind of feedback that allows you to make the right decisions when playing Holdem online. By plugging in your cards as they come, you'll see your hand rank and odds of winning that hand as your play that hand! Top Seller!!!

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Starting Hands Companion
Are More and More people have asked... How do you play Position and the Best Starting Hands. The Starting Hand Companion address's that need AND gives valuable training tips for anyone! This Companion will be a Top Seller in 2005. Get yours now!

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Texas Hold'em e-books!
Our Texas Holdem e-book shows your how to play whether your a beginner or a skilled player. All will find this e-book very helpful! Texas Holdem Poker is the bomb!



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Slow Play Companion!
Are you a better Felt player than Online player? Chances are you've become too Loose with your Online play. Hey, it's very easy to play loose online because the "raise" button doesn't look so scary as pushing in a tall stack of your chips on a felt table.
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Earn a Mega Extra
Income with Poker e-book
Sound Silly? Think Not. With Texas Holdem Poker gaining speed around the World, more and more people are flocking to the Online Poker web sites to play the Red Hot Texas Holdem tournaments they see on TV. This e-book shows you 3 Great ways to capture some of that cash


Holdem Helper spreadsheet!
Been looking for a cool Holdem Starting Hands Helper card? This Free Bonus excel spreadsheet is Exactly that! It helps you make the best decisions when faces with Pre-flop bets Online or on the Felt table. Just print out and your on your way!

Casino Winning
systems e-book
This E-Book has chapters on:
5 winning Blackjack systems 5 Winning Craps Strategies Winning Roulette Systems Winning at BINGO Winning at the Slots. Winning the Lottery Winning Contests and Sweepstakes Over 96 pages.......and the bonus: Learn the secrets of the pros!!!!! Online Scams and Con Games exposed!


Our Exclusive Texas Holdem Training CD for 2005

We've put together an Awesome Free Bonus Texas Holdem Software CD Package. If you purchase today, you will receive this FREE $10 value CD with 3 Texas Holdem programs. You can give this CD away at NO extra charge. You can burn CD copies at no extra charge. It's our Bonus gift to you for ordering our Exclusive Texas Holdem Companion Super Package Today!

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Play $5, $10 or $20 Buy-in tournaments online?
Our Texas Holdem Training Kit will MAKE you better!

If not, you should. Typical $10 buy-in tournaments pay $3,000 to the winner. The Texas Holdem CompanionŠ and Calculater were built with this idea in mind: The Average Holdem player can win these events with the right helper program. The CompanionŠ and Calculater do just that... provide it's user with the added knowledge to help win.

Are you still on the fence? Check my results!

These are my Actual results from my recent play Online. I started around the beginning of the documenting my tournament play to see if I can win with the same products I sell. As you can see... I finish in the money a lot ... which didn't happen before the Companion enter my life. Also, users of the Companion will write... so I post their experiences as well.


2462 player tournament played on 1/9 on Poker Stars
Finished 54 of a 2462 player tournament!
Folks, the Companion works! I battled the field last night to a Top 5% finish in a 2462 person Texas Holdem tournament. Ask yourself, are you finishing this high in your Holdem events? I wasn't... now I will not play without my Companion! Cya folks!
finished 54th of 2462
Poker Stars
tournaments 1/7 thru the 9th
Played 5 tournaments: Finished 1st, 8th/9, 4th/9, 1st! Folks, these are REAL accounts of my current tournament play. I'm not padding these results one way or another. Note the 8th and 4th place finishes this past weekend. They both are NOT in the money. I won't win every tournament but with the Companion, I figure I can win or place in the money most of the time. That's a winning percentages I can live with.

Poker Stars
9 player tournament on 1/6/2005 5:15am
Last 5 tournaments: 1st, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 1st! I truly feel I can play myself into the money almost every game. In fact, that's been my recent strategy. I figure if I place in the money at the WSOP, I can at minium double my money. However, it'll be all about the Final table finish come June for me. Keep checking back folks... the Companion package is cheap...start winning today with it.

Coming Events

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Poker Stars
9 player tournament on 1/5/2005
1st place again! Wow, another win! This is getting addictive. Not to drag this recount out... I used the Slow Play Companion to jocky myself in 3 place most of the tournament. I picked my spots well and when I had it, I applied the pressure and won some decent hands. We (the final 3) played for 30 minutes... going back and forth. Finally it was me and the chip leader. Blinds @ $2000/1000... I bluffed some blinds and ended up winning with 2 pair. Check back... I will be playing all week.

Empire Poker 9 player tournament on 1/4/2005

1st place again! 2005 is turning out to be an excellent year. Let's summarize this tournament like this... UP, DOWN, UP... then WAY UP. The final hand was classic Trap. Were going back and forth... I pull AA and Call his $800 Pre-Flop bet. Flop is nothing, he Bets $800, I Call. The Turn is no good, I Raise to $1,600, he Calls. The River is no help and he goes All In. I end up with the Nut winner AAA88. He says in the chat window.. "well played"... I reply, like a fox.

Current Events
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Poker Stars 9 player tournament on 1/3/2005

2nd place finish. Nice tournament tonight. Went heads up with a guy that earlier in the match tried talking smack about every ones play (how he had to remind himself that he was playing with lesser Hold'em players) I took most of his chips on a nicely timed 88 All In to his AA. I pulled the 8 on the flop and listened to him cry about how he'd rather be outplayed then out drawn. YAWN! I ended up with the chip lead with 3 guys left. I ended up meeting Mr. Pro heads up and played to a tie most of the way. The Final hand had me with 3 of kind... he got lucky with a flush on the River. Mr. Pro turned into Mr RIVER STAR... ha ha... with the Companion... he wouldn't need to be a River Star anymore.

Poker Stars 9 player tournament on 1/1/2005

Happy New Year! The First tournament of 2005 produced another WIN for Team Companion. With little effort (seemed everyone was in a daze or I'm playing the Best poker of my life) I won 3 straight hands slowing to Big $1,000 pots. I checked a Nut Straight and got the pot another $600. By the end, I had 10 times the chips (10,000 v 1,000) and it wasn't long before an All In with a pair of 33 took it. Listen folks, if you haven't tried the Companion and your NOT winning tournaments like you think you should... get the Companion package and make 2005 your year to making money on the poker table! Cheers!

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system requirements: Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP
NOTE: monitor settings must be set to  1024x768
CD can only be shipped in US. The other items can be downloaded via a download link that will be provided. thanks folks!


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Don't wait for another tournament to pass you by that you could have won. The Software and helper items above Help you play better Texas Holdem Poker if you just give it a chance and purchase today!


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