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Step #1 of learning how to win @ Texas Holdem: What wins!
We break it down as to what wins in Texas Holdem AND we apply our strategy to each possible hand. The #1 thing to remember when playing poker... what wins and what the odds are for a higher hand on the table to beat your hand. This key rule will save you tons of money every hand out.

Rules, Strategy and Odds for becoming a Texas Holdem Zen Master
Listen, one of the easiest ways to lose your money in Texas Holdem is to NOT have a plan for every possible hand you may get. Knowing the rules and having a back out strategy is as important as a playing strategy in this game of poker. We discuss this in our Strategy and odds area!

World Series of Poker and other TV poker shows we love to watch!
Like you, we LOVE Texas Holdem! The #1 reality show on TV is the World Series of Poker that airs on ESPN in July... we break down the tournement and the champions with in site and web links to find more info on these soon to be card hero's every single year!

Web resources for finding Poker Chips, Books and other poker items cheap!!!
Of course we know where to find the best poker chips at the best prices! This area of our e-book breaks down where the best Texas Holdem chips are and where to find them.